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Pair of Important 19th Century Verde Marble Louis XVI urns with bronze dore mounts of rams heads. Custom wired and shaded into lamp.

Circa 1860.

Sized 40"H (30"H urns)

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Important signed AP. Sormani@ bronze dore and Kingwood bureau plat. First quality bronze dore mounts,

Circa 1880.

Sized 69"W x 36"d x 32"h.

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Signed AHenry Dasson: commode, breche de=alep marble op, with bronze dore mounts heads of Neptune with goat hoof feet. A scene hand painted in the Verne Martan style.

Circa 1868

Sized 40"W x 46" h x 20" d

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Beautiful signed AF. Linke@ vitrine in the Louis XV style with beautiful Kingwood and first quality bronze dore mounts.

Circa 1880

Sized 71"h x 37" w x 15" d

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Signed AF. Linke@ marble topped Louis XVI center table, Breche Violette marble with bronze dore scenes of rams and garlands along the frieze.

Circa 1880

Sized 39" W x 24" d x 30"H

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Signed ATuart, Jean-Baptiste@ Regence period marble topped commode. Made from Kingwood ad inlay Rosewood. All original bronze dore mounts.

Circa 1720-1740

Sized 51" w x 25" d x 34" h

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Pair of rare matched Kingwood and Louis XV commodes with original marble tops. All floral marquetry with various exotic woods: Tulipwood, Acajou, Sycamore & Satinwood.

Circa 1860

Sized 40" w x 19" d x 37" high

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Beautiful signed AGrohe@ Louis XVI bureau plat with a stretcher base. Two pull out Tulipwood and Kingwood tiers and an original red leather top.

Circa 1870

Sized 55" w x 32" d x 30" H + two 19" pull outs

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Pair of Charles X period bronze patinated candelabrums lamps, depicting classical figures on bronze plinth bases.

Circa 1810

Sized 38"H

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Second Empire Rosewood dining table with a Dolphin base, all water gilded with two original leaves.

Circa 1840

Sized 54" w x 31" h + two 26" leaves

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First Empire Mahogany and marble topped center table with gilded bronze female figures with a greyish/black Noir marble top.

Circa 1820

Sized 40" w x 31" H

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Fist Empire slate topped center table with bronze dore swan supports and a mahogany base.

Circa 1820

Sized 36" round x 32" H

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