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Pair of 18th Century Italian cherubs, all water gilt and silver gilt holding a torch with the original back support to a faux marble base.

Circa 1720-1740.

Sized 39" H x 34" W.

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Early to mid 18th Century Italian silver gilt and water gilt hand carved console. Depicting two cherub boys holding up the top which is marble, sitting on a faux marble base.

Circa 1740.

Sized 59" w x 38" h x 25" d.

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Pair of early 18th Century carved Boxwood angles reaching for the sky. These angles are all water gilt with out stretched wings. Original pigmentation coloring of the flesh.

Sized 31" h x 27" wing span.

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Pair of hand carved Italian Empire classical Ceasers carved in portraits on faux marble plaques.

Circa 1860-1880.

Sized 25" x 25" square.

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19th Century Italian Blackamoor on gondola, holding a paddle. All hand polychrome and decorated in the typical Venetian style.

Circa 1860.

Sized 37" H.

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Important signed 19th Century Italian Carrara marble statue of a sister and brother trying to take a bath, signed ARichelu@.

Circa 1880 on a verde marble pedestal base.

Sized 77" overall, x 39"H (figure) x 38" H (pedestal).

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Important pair of 19th Century hand carved and parcel gilt Italian Louis XVI consoles with Breche Vendome Italian marble tops. All hand carved with carved tassels and Adam style carved swags and classical motif.

Sized 70" w x 22' d x 36" h.

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